video card fan update

It turns out you can replace your video card fan. The downside is that it's fiddly, nervous-making work. I saved about a hundred dollars over replacing it. Not sure what it would have cost to get it repaired at Fry's or Best Buy, but I'm glad I didn't find out.

And what's up with RAM heat sinks on video cards? Do they actually do something, or is it just feature-itis? Well I installed them anyway, sigh.

The silence that came out of my PC case last night was music to my ears. I feel better already.


  1. I think my case fan is broken. The video card tends to overheat after ~60 minutes and start painting static across the screen.

    My "fix" is to open the case, take a desk fan, point it into the case, and run the fan whenever playing a game that uses the video card.

    I'm just going to buy a new computer whenever Diablo 3 comes out anyways, right...

  2. Hahaha
    Have you seen this blog?