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Merry Christmas everyone! Especially you Dave. Merry Oppressive Christmas.

I've been having the frustrating, complicated dreams that come with working late while sick, but this game idea popped out last night and I think it's cute.

Movie Plot Dominoes.

We're all directors, working on the same movie. We each specialize in a particular genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance. We each have a deck of cards that references our genre, full of locations, characters, plot points, etc..  The goal is to contribute the most to the film and bring the movie mainly into your genre. Play works like dominoes - the movie's central plot develops linearly, scene by scene location by location, with offshoots for character development and subplots.

Players take turns laying down cards, but most cards must be matched, dominoes style, using a number of continuity symbols (probably less than 6, maybe just 4). Score by contributing cards to the main plot, resolving plot lines, and resolving characters. In addition to their mechanical symbols each card has flavor, version 1 rips all the cards straight from tvtropes.org.*

I'm trying to figure out if it demands any make-believe work, or "pitching" or auctioning, or if it's mechanically mostly just dominoes. I think with enough flavor on the cards it could work fine as dominoes, but that seems like a cop-out. On the other hand story telling games like happily ever after limit their audience by requiring high levels of creativity from everyone, and also it tends not to work so well for competitive play (when the correct competitive move is to claim that someone's story is bad and their turn is over).

Maybe each next scene is chosen randomly or something.

Anyway yeah that's my idea.

*Kill Dr. Lucky is an example of a game that lives on flavor. Or, hangs onto flavor by its fingernails as flavor leaps the Gap of Angry Making.

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  1. For the "pitching" part I think of something like Apples to Apples or Balderdash where all players but one play anonymously and the last player is the judge of what is "best" and then next turn there is a new judge.