another four mouths to feed

Today I woke up and wanted to get an aquarium. Annie was decidedly neutral on the subject, but I had a fire in my belly, and so we headed out to Jim's Exotic Fish on PCH to see what was what.

We talked to Jim, and we told him that we were eventually interested in setting up aquaponics, but that we were basically new to fish, and wanted to start small and easy. Jim was incredibly helpful. He sold us a nice glass tank and an integrated unit that sits on top of it and does light and pump and filter, plus a heater. We sold ourselves some gravel and clay and plants and a rock. We took it all home and set it up, and filled it up with water, and put in the water conditioner. You have to do that to get the fluoridation out.

Then in the afternoon we returned for the fishes. Jim told us that he had been working 15 days in a row, because his daughter had just had a baby, so she couldn't come in to work. I sympathized. We picked up 2 pairs of 2 varieties of platies, and took 'em home, and after letting the temperature adjust and all that, we set them loose in their new home. Then we stood there and watched them for like 20 minutes.

It's a 12 gallon tank and it can hold a lot more than 4 little guys, but we wanted to start small and move up from there. Eventually we'll get to the goldfish, and then maybe koi, when and if we go for an outdoor pond system. But for now our little tank will be plenty. And I think Annie's already coming around to the idea ;-)

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