funny thing about biology

So I'm trying to eat less and exercise more and all that good stuff, but one of the funny side effects of eating smaller portions, is that it turns "the story of Nate working on some stuff" into "the story of Nate trying not to eat stuff." It's amazing how distracting hunger in particular can be for me. Part of the problem is that when I'm working hard, I'll often pacify my body with a large meal. Really not a very good habit when "working hard" means "sitting perfectly still at my desk with a pained expression on my face." But changing the habit is proving difficult and disruptive.

Sigh. :-p


  1. Your stomach will eventually get used to the smaller meals - honest - but in the meantime it sure is distracting.

    Something that helped me when I was trying to lose weight was eating lots of veggies and salad. Not that I'm a big fan of veggies and salad, but they are more filling with respect to their calorie content...

  2. yeah.... yeah. :-p thanks for the encouragement :-)