I've been thinking about the BuildGrow thing a lot lately. Isaac has some really good ideas for a generated Crystalis-style game, which I think would be super cool. So I started back in on the socket server. I got login working and I'm happy with my amf serialization layer. I don't know if I need to add compression to it as well. I might have to I guess depending on how the game ends up shaking out.

At work I've been doing a lot of advocacy lately, which is a new role for me. But as our little corner of the business is starting to look like it's in pretty good shape, I'm able to pull my head out of the code for long enough to notice that there are other departments, too. So some of this socket server stuff I'm working on at home is a way of limbering up to tackle the broader challenges at work, I guess.

Sigh. I think about work a lot but, I can't really write about it too much here, because a lot of the stuff I want to talk about it not public knowledge. That's frustrating but I love my job too much to risk it. ;-)

The other thing about this BuildGrow stuff, is that it's a great way of procrastinating. What I should be working on right now is wedding stuff. <_< That stuff is mostly under control I guess. I feel really good about the plans we do have, at least. It's the ones we don't have that are starting to be a concern. I guess we should figure out a honeymoon pretty soon here...

Also my diet is going pretty well. I have about 7 pounds to drop to reach my long-term goal, which is to be 185 at our wedding. I think I will make it. Then after the honeymoon I'll have to work on getting back down to it. Then I'll reevaluate.

There's a lot of crunchy minecrafty, dwarf-fortressy stuff on my mind these days, and a lot of wedding and adulthood stuff too, but I want to break all that out into separate posts.

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