18 million indices

Just solved a performance issue in Legacy where I was basically squaring the size of the index buffer for the wall mesh, which was allocating space for about 6 million triangles instead of a couple thousand. When this happened the framerate dropped from 60 to 55, and CPU usage went up to 12%. So I learned two things:

1) I have a lot of performance headroom.*
2) Nothing is stopping me from making stupid mistakes like that, and I might not ever notice them if they don't cause problems, so I'd better develop some better techniques.

I feel pretty good about it though. And I'll post some progress on the Legacy blog soon.

*I'd better, I'm not drawing very much yet.. This is one of my persistent boogeymen with game programming; I'm not a graphics expert, in fact I honestly have very little idea of what the machine can do, what I can throw at it, etc.. Basically it's like learning to jump when you're afraid you might hit the ceiling. I should get over that.

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