a dumb problem I had today

This is a technical post.

Today VisualVM stopped profiling my applications. No apps showed up in the bar on the left. After many false leads involving rival jvms and 32/64 bit confusion, I tracked this down to "not able to read the temp folder," which it turns out, is because my temp folder is now pointing to C:\Windows\Temp instead of the usual location under Users. Honestly no idea how that changed, perhaps an installer did it at some point? Who would do such a thing. Why.

Anyway by navigating to that folder in windows explorer it prompted me to elevate privileges for it, and that resolved the issue with VisualVM.

I still hate VisualVM. I don't know, an error message with the folder it was trying to access might have been nice. Would have saved me 3 or 4 hours today. Still, I'm reluctant to spend $500 for a professional profiler.


I'm making a lot of great progress on Legacy though. It's great fun most of the time. :-)

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