2016 charity plan

This is our plan for our 2016 charitable giving. Our ongoing goal is to spend 10% of our annual budget on charity (minus big ticket items like house purchase and renovations.) Here is the breakdown:

Charity notes category scope Final %
education global 1.4
AMF malaria health global 15.2
Cool Earth global warming environment global 6.2
SCI parasites health global 11
Deworm the World parasites health global 9
Give Directly poverty human services global 8.3
Manos De Christo Austin homeless human services local 5.5
Elephant Sactuary tenessee animals national 1.4
Cure Alzheimer's Fund gene mapping -> cure health national 2.1
charity navigator meta! research national 1.4
Meals on Wheels Austin elderly/poverty care human services local 5.5
ACLU civil rights politics national 5.5
Sierra Club environmental environment national 5.5
Southern Poverty Law social justice politics national 4.1
Planned Parenthood reproductive human services national 5.5
represent.us bottom-up anti-corruption politics national 4.1
pro publica journalism non profit politics national 4.1
union of concerned scientists science advocacy politics national 4.1

This year we have greatly increased the share of our giving to national causes. Mostly this is because we no-longer trust the US federal government to do a good job in areas we care about, like civil liberties, social justice, global warming, and education. But a big portion remains focussed on global problems like Malaria.

These are all (technically) non-partisan causes, but in addition I may seek out and support particular politicians and political organizations.

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