that was fast

I'll be flying up to San Fransisco on Monday to talk to Zynga.

Also talking to Facebook via phone on Tuesday, that was a pleasant surprise.

Relief mixed with fear, and not a little weariness, but I think it's gonna be good.

So, that's two for the Bay Area, and nothing yet for Los Angeles.  The EA thing may have fallen through.  I hope not, because I'm not sure I want to move.  I hope I get a chance to compare a couple of options, but if not I'll live.  I'm looking forward to working at a high paying job for a little while, and putting some money in the bank.

Perhaps I'll be ready to go back to something more speculative in a couple of years (Castle).

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  1. I'm hoping for the best for everyone.
    It breaks my heart that things are tough for CC.