1. chipotle hummus bread with sesame seeds
2. honey pecan whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds
3. purple 'vineyard' scented candles poured into red wine glasses
4. coffee scented candles poured into glass mugs
5. thousands of dead zombies

That's what I did with my day off.  Some of you may get homemade candles as belated xmas gifts.  The chipotle bread came out a bit parbaked, (I took it out early 'cause the crust looked done--this is why I am terrible baker), but it tastes great, so I won't complain.  I haven't opened the other bread yet, but I think it'll be more done.

I've been slightly appalled at my burn rate for money; I really need to cut back, so I'm going to stop eating out for a while, and try to get into the habit of making lunches and saving leftovers and so forth.  Life skills, you know?  Oof.  It's not really that I have expensive tastes or hobbies, it's more that I just don't ever try to save money; if I've got it I tend to spend it, on this or that.  So my resolution, if you care to call it that, is to learn the ways of thrift.  It's all a part of the larger plan...

Ohio was great, even though we didn't get snow.  I felt right at home.  Too, I really, really needed the down time, and I feel a lot better now than when we left.  Time to get back on top of my life, instead of being dragged along beneath it, is how I always think about.  I think I feel a few schemes coming on.

So candles.  I thought, oh, I'll make some holiday candles, it'll be easy and fun and make a great gift.  Mostly true I think, but wow wax is funny stuff.  When it cools from a liquid to a solid it shrinks quite a bit, and so the centers of the candles sink in.  If you've removed the support for the wick already, the wick is pulled down as the wax sinks, and you can't get it back up again without reheating the whole thing so... don't remove the support for the wick!  You need to wait at least like, 6 hours for the wax to cool, and then fill the sinkhole with more wax, and then wait again, and then fill one more time, and then wait again.  Then you can remove the support.

Lesson learned I guess?  I'm sure I could have gotten that advice from somewhere, but I probably would not have listened, that's just how I roll.  Not proud, just sayin.

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