so angry

Right now I make my living by using Adobe products, specifically Flash and Flex.  So it's unfortunate that I can't stand Adobe products.  Flash CS4 is almost completely unusable.  Its performance when editing medium to large flash files is unforgiveable; when I click to select an object, or to edit a symbol, I can wait 10 seconds for the interface to respond.  Not acceptable.

What am I gonna do about it?  Probably nothing.  I only mention it here to record my displeasure, so that I don't forget it, start coping, and forget to be angry about it...that would mean losing a part of my soul--the part that cares about good interface.

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  1. The real problem is vendor lock-in. If you had a choice of using something better to create content, it's obvious that you would pay good money for a tool that didn't waste your time. Sadly there are no viable choices.