I'm really relieved to be done with all of the Christmas gift stuff, at long last.  It got hectic, and I felt like I wasn't able to give everyone the attention they deserved... but I guess that's just how it goes.  I blame my Meyers-Briggs  type.  Looking forward, I'm excited about putting some of my gifts to work; the crock pot, the skillet, and the miter saw specifically!  I can't think of a project that uses all three though.  Maybe an outdoor kitchen*.

I'm working on some self improvement things; getting more exercise, feeling less rushed or hurried, thinking ahead more, that kind of boring stuff.  Ouch, am I really that disinterested?  Apparently.  Actually, I'm writing a time-management game at work now, which gives me a good opportunity to meditate on a lot of these issues.

It occurred to me the other day that I have a lot of hobbies that take up less than 1 percent of my time, even less than 1 percent of my free time.  Things like welding, sewing, woodworking, making jigsaw puzzles, baking bread, making candles, selling tshirts, etc..  Lately even programming (for fun) is under 1%.  This seems weird to me, but maybe it isn't...?  I bounce around a lot, but I like to think that there's an over-arching theme to it.  (The theme is awesomeness ;-)  

I guess what *actually* ties it together is the concept of the castle.   The castle is really just an environment that enables a lot of these dumb hobbies, because in my conception of the castle I can participate vicariously in everyone else's crazy hobbies.  It's an environment for shared exploration of active creative lifestyles.  If that makes any sense.  The shape doesn't really matter, but the shape of a castle seems to inspire the kind of people I'd like to attract.

ok back to work.

*This is what you get today on my blog: stream of consciousness.

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