the new plan

Today's lunch discussion topic, or how to get ocean plus mountains in 5 years:

1. Buy an acre of land in Topanga, ~400k.
2. Keep working full time.
3. Buy a used trailer or mobile home and park it on the land to live in for steps 4 through 8
4. Start the process of getting a Septic tank, etc., put in. May take 1-2 years.
5. Buy a bunch of shipping containers ($1500 each), enough to give you 2-3 thousand sqaure feet.
6. Dig into your hillside and use the shipping containers to terrace your land, stacking multiple containers on top of eachother in a staggered pattern.
7. On top of (one of?) your shipping containers goes the aquaponics portable farm, the fish tank goes inside.
8. Weld the shipping contianers together, insulate them, and make them livable.
9. Move in permanently and sell the trailer.
10. Add modular components as needed.

It's all coming together.


I'm not really this brave yet.

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