Exciting times. Annie and I are prequalified for a home loan. We're not in a super-hurry, but we've started looking, mostly in the South Bay.

Here's the thing: as soon as you have a number in hand, the first thing you do is start looking to see what you can get for it. The next thing you do --if you're me-- is see what you could get if you could scrape together just a bit more.

Anyone want to go in on this house? 4 bedroom, big lot, great neighborhood, close to the freeway, but not too close...

Heh, failing that, there are a bunch of houses around that actually are in our price range, and it's kindof exciting. I'm angling for the fixer-uppers, with lots of land and lots of bedrooms (for roommates to help with the mortgage). With our price range, and where we'd like to live, we're likely going to have to make a couple of compromises. But that's ok! The idea is that this is just a starter house. The castle will come later.

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