on self awareness

Yesterday I spent a few minutes browsing through Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. It's a fantastic book and I like to review it every once in a while as a way of taking my own social temperature. This morning I was sitting in a meeting when it occurred to me that I was feeling defensive, adversarial, and stressed out. I wrote down the words "reduce stress" on my pad and spent the rest of the meeting doodling around them.

Later on I started looking up meditation techniques. Wikipedia has a good general review, and I thought that maybe I would find one of the listed secular techniques helpful. Autogenic training and a couple other things looked interesting. That reminded me of Yoga, which I have enjoyed when I've tried it, but it's difficult and I don't think I can find time to attend a class. (And also I find working out in public stressful.) I was thinking of getting a beginner's Yoga DVD, and that reminded me that there might be a Wii yoga game. Wii Fit Plus seems to be the one at the moment, although there's another yoga game coming soon. I don't know if it will be good or not. And then that reminded me that there are probably yoga courses online that might be even more appropriate, and cheaper, or free (but probably worse).

Does anyone have advice on either meditation or yoga?

Sometimes I see my life as a series of overlapping and interconnecting obsessions, kind of like the way story arcs come and go in a grand epic piece of fiction.

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