this entire week is a strange dream

Ok this is just a review of stuff I've shared elsewhere, with some additional commentary.

This is an incredibly beautiful idea about choral music, participation, and the internet. The video is kindof hokey, and the sound needs a little bit more fine tuning, especially the aspirations, but holy crap it sounds fantastic. Wow.

This bit of news about this country's major financial institutions snuck under the radar, what with health care reform and all. Perhaps we're going to do something about those too-big-to-fail firms, after all? I had almost given up on that one.

This is why you're fat? Well I find it remarkable that this study has never been done before. I have a suspicion that it's going to be very very important.

But probably not as important as this. Printing organs, or skin, or... missing limbs... Ok! Welcome to StarTrek level medicine. Not quite. But if this technology scales is capability, and if it scales in economy, it could simply remove the need to find donors for transplants. Which means vastly reducing the cost, uncertainty, and complexity of transplant operations. Which means that transplanting becomes a viable treatment for a much greater number of conditions. And while you're regrowing that organ, lets do some gene therapy on the stem cells first. Let's cure the aging diseases as we replace your failing organs one by one. Cheap. Scalable. No need to grow secret armies of organ donor clones in vats. Whole science fiction distopias avoided by one device.

On top of the stuff mentioned in the previous post... what a week. If news was like this more often, I might pay more attention.


  1. The aspirations on the choir are probably low bit-rate encoding artifacts.

  2. It's not as bad on the HD video.