back to basics, and it feels good

I've had all week off, and most of it I spent lazing around and playing videogames. I did some housework too. But I've been avoiding working on any of my real projects, because I've felt so burned out on programming.

Yesterday and today I finally sat down to work on a little project for Tim, and I find myself really invigorated by it. Programming for myself, by myself, on a new project, is a completely different experience from working on a huge MMO codebase. I don't have to worry about the side effects of my changes because there are no other systems relying on this code. I don't have to get into anybody else's head, and I don't have to reformat code to make it readable. I don't have to remember/wonder why something was done a certain/dumb way.

I control the horizontal, I control the vertical. I go from being the "veteran," to being the "guru."* My code is much simpler and less defensive. Which means, much faster to write. All the class and variable names are perfect. It is so refreshing. I know it won't last. but it's nice.

* Funny. Thanks Jared.

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