windows 7 first impressions*

I came in this morning to a fresh windows 7 install, and I've spent the time since getting my workspace up to speed. That's more a knock on our workspace than it is on windows 7, but in the process I have some observations.

1. I don't like confirming everything twice. I'll turn off browser-open-file confirm boxes.
2. using the windows key to open programs is awesome.
3. yay search
4. using a third party zip utility to install things directly into the program files directory fails because they don't have access. The two I tried (winRar and 7Zip) did not handle it well.
5. It's pretty.
6. setting environment variables hasn't changes since what, windows 98? It still sucks hard. I know nobody ever actually does this... except anyone using java or maven. Grr.

But I can't escape the vague feeling that Microsoft have given up. It seems like their heart really isn't in it anymore, like they're just doing what the broader IT and design communities tell them to do. This is an operating designed by a company that's staring its death sentence in the face. They can feel themselves becoming IBM, and the irony is not lost on anyone. Windows 7 is a deer-in-the-headlights, avoid-all-controversy design. And it... well so far I find it vaguely depressing.

*Yes yes, nobody cares what I think.


  1. If they're staring at their death sentence, who would be replacing them?