tmi time

So I have varicose veins. I thought it was just a cosmetic thing, generally, but it turns out they can lead to nasty side effects like the skin on your foot and ankle breaking down, becoming horribly itchy, and eventually venous ulcers that can spray blood unexpectedly. Yeah I have all that.

I went in today for an outpatient procedure to seal off the incompetent* vein. We had to abort it 2 hours in, before we even got to the part with lasers**, because it turns out my veins are so.. tortuous? twisted? they literally look like a pigs tail?*** So I had a wire in my leg for an hour for nothing..

But it's ok. Rescheduled the procedure at the medical center, with general anaesthesia, and they seem pretty confident they can get the job done at that time. So it's fine. God I hate being special when it comes to medical matters.

* a medical term!
** bummer, right?
*** this is what they told me.

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