guys guys checkitout

So, is available. I am seriously considering snatching it up and using it to document my lifelong rant against poor branding and public signage.

Is this a good idea?


  1. Probably, yes.

    Suggestion: save up a bunch of posts before putting up the first one so that you have a solid full first month. A good example of such a system (though I think they should have spread out their first posts a little bit more) is .

  2. Apparently, I somehow managed to hyperlink stupid. Assume that above, the period is not hyperlinked, but instead the word 'here' is inserted and hyperlinked to that same site.

    I swear that the preview button showed by post as intended.

  3. (it's cool.)

    Good advice. Also damn, that is a hilarious and appropriate example of what I am talking about.