natebrand game concept

hey guys, quick game concept for the Burrito Game*.

SO you build your cross-generational burrito franchise in this game, starting with What'sHisName and his donkey, somewhere in Mexico, and moving through cities and across time until your burrito is World Famous.

So that's all fine, it's a traditional casual food service game where you slowly add ingredients and increase complexity.

The key idea I just had is that the game is ALSO a family-raising game. When your shop has accumulated enough success, some customers will fall in love with you. You can then marry one of them, which ends the level. Then you pick one of your children to play for the next level, and which city to send your children to. This requires me to build a generic face engine so that I can model young/old people of both sexes and multiple races, and their offspring, but the result will be a huge awesome family tree that you built yourself, with each node a playable character depicted in portrait style in the setting of their city, and shown with the ingredient that they contributed to the Burrito. (Spelled here with a capital 'B' because I'm talking about the Platonic Burrito, not just some tortilla-wrapped meat. Like how in programming, when class names are capitalized but objects are not.)

It will be your mythic family tree of the Burrito, and it will rock.

Also the portraits will go from Olde Tyme to modern, and clothes fashions and cities will change with the times, right?

OK let's get started.

*Background: I decided to make games for all my shirts so that the shirt logo is an appropriate end game/title page for each game, and then use the games to sell the shirts. No games have yet been made, but I do have a sweet particle system!

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