the abdication of common sense

Let me tell you what is wrong with society today.

Most people are all too willing to surrender their judgement to a real or imaginary superstructure, which is usually an amalgamation of their company and the government.

I made a mistake today*, for which there were few consequences, but I'm bitter about it, and I'm going to blame it on society.

*I brought in a small grill to do a barbecue at lunch on top of the parking structure for our building. The top floor is always empty of cars, and there are some tables up there too. But the building management** shut us down.
**The building management also charges $5 for each key to the bathroom, and the bathroom keys have "do not duplicate" stamped on them, so that you cannot just make your own copy. Oh it is on***.
***I can see that I'm going to have to take it up another notch or two, my thinking so far has been way too linear.

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