social capital tracking

Stack Overflow is doing some cool things with community building within the programming Q/A niche. Specifically, their reputation system works pretty similarly to how I envision XP working for questor: more reputation means more access and privileges at the site. They have some high quality stuff going on, I'm taking notes.


  1. Did you find this through searching for a specific question about programming or did you hear of some other way? I find it rather handy for work (in addition to the fun aspects of the programmer community social space they created).

  2. It came up in my RSS somewhere, and it looked interesting. I've been trying to find questions I can answer, but it's hard to get to them before everyone else. And also I have to admit that I don't have a lot of patience for some of the "why doesn't my code work!" nonsense. But even if it's not my ideal community, the tools are interesting.