I am so glad, also tubes

I'm so glad the debates are over.  It's been a little torturous.  Not just watching them, but anticipating them, and reading all the pre- and post- coverage on the ole RSS.

Also, I've always been disappointed with live streaming on the internet.  I come in to work later than most, so getting off work by 6:00 when the debates are streaming live has not generally been possible.  My eternal expectation, eternally wrong, is that I should be able to start watching at 7:30, and see the whole debate, from start to finish.

WHY IS THIS SO FREAKING HARD?  Tivo can do it.  Why can the internet not do it?  Am I missing something?  Is there some site I don't know about where they do live streaming right?  I tried Hulu and Youtube and Mydebates.  FAIL.  The YouTube uploads kept failing around part 11 of 15.  Which, by the way, having to break the debate up into 15 parts is super dumb in itself.*  MyDebates just had no reference to the third debate video after the debate had finished.  Some time after 11:00 I stumbled upon the Hulu version, but I had to go back to their front page to find it, it wasn't on the debates page that I had been checking earlier in the evening.

Internet TV: still not ready for prime time.  So to speak.  Unlike Sam, I give it a D.  Unlike Phlargo I refuse to accept this limitation.  I'm mad as hell and...and...aw crap.  At least there are no more debates for a few years.


*I hear YouTube is getting better about this, I'll believe it when I'm watching YouTube and my eyes aren't bleeding.

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  1. I watched the debates on YouTube and I agree it was sort of obnoxious to have to navigate through all 15 Parts. It should be much easier to (1) enqueue a playlist of videos that play back to back and (2) share that playlist. Then (3) some trustworthy blogger shares the playlist link and boom: you just watch the whole thing.

    Now, I must say I found these debates a little more interesting and perhaps 10% more substantive than the previous debates.

    Perhaps it was because I had the screen turned off and I wasn't "watching", just listening, laying in bed with ear buds, but I found McCain less grating than the previous debate. (McCain visual + McCain audio = twice as bad?)

    But it was clear the whole time McCain just has this exceptional ability to make everything he says seem like an attack despite Obama's brilliance at being the adult treating a child like an adult. Does that make any sense?

    I have this theory that McCain has Asperger's, which is completely unusual for such a successful politician, but it could explain a lot about his demeanor.