sartre update

Other people aren't so bad. You can work with them and empathize with them. You can develop a shared sense of community, shared purpose, and affection.

No. Hell is other companies.  Other companies see you as a resource to be extracted; they are obligated to their shareholders to fuck you over as much as they can.  There can be no love and no real understanding.


Ok so, of course that's a gross overstatement, but aside from being a gross overstatement, I think there's something there.  Corporations exist to further themselves, and they're implicitly designed to work without compassion or mercy.  That's one of the reasons negotiation between businesses takes the form of contracts.  Within a company, our human tribal instincts tend to hold us together, but between companies we are petty, demanding, and disrespectful.

Or at least, working across company lines has been a horrible, stressful experience for me for the past few months. (years?)  Care to dissent?

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