respect the table saw

A lot of the tools I own are relatively safe.  I feel ok drinking a beer or two while using the scroll saw, because in order to hurt myself with the scroll saw, I would need to put my finger on the blade while it is running, and hold it there for a few seconds.  Likewise the drill and dremel tool.  I won't drink while using the Oxy/Acetylene torch, but I generally feel pretty safe with it.  (I did burn myself badly once, but that was by trying to weld overhead while standing on shallow stairs.  Fell backwords.  Really dumb.  Oh and then one time I set the bulletin board (and my sweatshirt) on fire with the MIG Welder, but that was no big deal.)


On Saturday I bought a table saw*.  Of all the tools I own, it's easily the most dangerous.  And the loudest, and the most powerful.  I've been getting a tiny adrenaline rush every time I use it.  It makes a difference to be using a tool that could easily chop your finger off.  You respect it more.  I wonder if I've been missing that...

In any case, the shelves are almost done, I'll post a picture when they're all assembled.  After that, the liquor cabinet is next... I've got to do some joinery for that, which should be a good time.  I really like having a little shop space in the garage, I've been missing working with my hands.  Of course now if I'm not careful, I'll be working with missing hands.

*Nothing's gone wrong yet, and I've used plenty of table saws plenty of times before, and I always wear my safety equipment.  (I will never drink and use the table saw.)  I'm not worried, but I am interested in my own danger response.

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  1. I'm not sure if I should feel good or bad that I guessed exactly what video you were linking to before opening the link.