this device has changed somehow

I installed WoW on my laptop yesterday.  The intent was to dabble in character creation and early levels with Annie, her on my PC and me on my laptop*.  I wasn't sure if my MacBook would be up to the task, but it was, easily, so that was nice.  We had a good time creating some Orcs to run around and do stuff.  It's great to be able to play online in the same room.

What's funny though to me is that afterwards, when I picked up my laptop and brought it into the other room, it literally felt different in my hands, as if it had a different weight.  I had changed the character of this device by installing a game on it.  I had flashes in my minds eye of me sitting down in a coffee shop or somewhere and killing some time on WoW**.  I don't know if I'd ever take myself up on it, and if I/we keep playing, I think I'll be able to keep it under control, but I thought it was an interesting anecdote of the physiological manifestations of gadget and gaming culture.

*I had a 14 day free trial CD that was eating a hole in my mental pocket.

**This is a big mental departure for me; It's my first laptop and until now I've used it entirely as an email and RSS box, with some SketchUp on the side.  Also, I am not accustomed to playing large games anywhere but at home, in my room.  (DS games being small.)


  1. So you have a Mac now... Are you going to port WikiBall to the iPhone?

  2. Alliance side, Cenarion Circle!

    I'm happy to buy you guys 8x 14 slot bags. The absolute worst part of starting a new character is constantly running out of room for trash.

  3. @J: Hmm... need an iPhone first...

    @S: I'll let you know if we roll some. It'll probably happen.