Apparantly you can purchase an acre of land in Topanga Canyon (up the hill from Santa Monica and Malibu) for less than $300,000.  

Now, it's gonna be hilly and rocky, but I gotta say it's still tempting.  Build a cabin, then a house, then a castle.  Grow food.  Raise chickens and goats, grow grapes and make wine.  Oh, and commute 20 minutes to your job in Santa Monica.


With each passing day I get closer and closer to being "that guy," and it makes me nervous.

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  1. Tempting? I know! Didn't realize Topanga was so close to Santa Monica.

    If you ever do build a cabin, I'd love to help out! It's the sort of thing I'd like to learn how to do but don't really want to pay $1000 to help build someone else's cabin.

    Just remember two things: accessibility of water, and property taxes.