I'm not there yet, but if I have to find myself a new job, do I want to:

A) Keep working with Flash/AS3, in the casual web space
B) Work with java for a more serious web 2.0 company
C) Work with C++ or something in the hardcore games space
D) Find a job working with my hands, or get some crazy unrelated experience
E) Start an art furniture business
F) Jump straight into web based fundraising for a castle
E) No/Other


  1. How about casual games on the iPod touch/iPhone? (C/C++/Objective-C/OpenGL). I'd buy your $4.99 games... I guess you'd have to buy a Mac (at least $599) and an iPod touch ($229) at minimum.

    P.S. You could also try this in your "free time" (does that even exist?) and see if it is worth pursuing, especially if you publish your first profit generating game to the App Store and find it appealing.

  2. Yeah.....

    Thing is, I'm a little burned out on Indy game startups at the moment. :-) If I wasn't, I think this is what I would try.

    But also, there's a brief and closing opportunity to make money in this space as an indy, I think 6 months from now it will be just as hard as it is everywhere else. And so given that I'm already 2-3 months behind the other developers, and have no iPhone and no familiarity with programming tools on a Mac, I'll skip it.